Friday, January 27, 2006

Kris Lounsbury for Congress

An acquaitance has thrown his hat in the ring for Utah's 2nd congressional district. Kris Lounsbury is a regular hard working American and he is an example of the American political process at its finest. Every American, well connected or not, has the right to say, "I see a problem with the way that the government is run and I want to stand up and help implement changes in our society." This is what the process should be about. I appreciate people like Kris that stand up and offer thermselves as servants to our country without motives for fame, fortune, and power.


Anonymous said...

No one could ever come close to Kris Lounsbury,a man who means what he says. How much does he means to the people he has lead to the path of GOD? (everything) He brings hope where there is none.Of all this world there is only one Kris and that is sad because no one comes close to his pure heart,and love.GOD can do what no one thinks can be done.I love you,as many do thank-you for being you Kris Lounbury.You changed my life,as you have changed so many lives with the gift of bring GOD into lives.You are one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of him now? the pervert!!!