Monday, May 29, 2006

LDS Church encourages Members to write their National Reps regarding Marriage Amendment

Last week, it was announced that the LDS Church released a letter encouraging Congress to define marriage between a man and a woman through a constitutional amendment. Hatch and Bennett are strong supporters of the legislation, and here is one issue in which I back Hatch. This issue is one of the biggest issues that keeps me away from aligning myself with the Democratic party. I believe this issue is one that must be handled by the Federal government with a constitutional amendment, because the issue will be decided -- if not by Congress, than by court presidence.

While marriage is considered a sacred issue by many religions, but it is also a ethical and moral issue. As British legislator Benjamin Disraeli (paraphrased, sorry I couldn't find the quote I was thinking of) points out that as a society adheres to religious teachings and doctrines government legislation is less necessary and less intrusive, but as religion is rejected in society it becomes necessary for government legislate morality and ethics. Marriage has been sacred to nearly all religions and societies for thousands of years as the means of perpetuating mankind and the ideal environment in which children should be raised, however continuous attacks at the open practice of religion and the moral desensitization of America and the world in regards to sexual purity and ethical behavior has led us to the point where anything good and righteous is disregarded as religious fanaticism. Adults can do whatever they desire in the bedroom, however don't ask me to sanction it. I guarantee if gay marriage is allowed and legalized (as will happen if the amendment isn't passed) polygamy, polyandry, and (why not) prostitution may be legal as well.

However being a realist, I doubt that lawmakers will have the moral courage to stand up out of the crowd and support such a measure. It is sad commentary on our society when the support of wholesome family values is a political stand that American lawmakers are hesitant to make.

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