Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"I Voted"

I voted today, I'm a bit of a traditionalists and decided to wait until today to vote. It went smoothly. I voted against Hatch, for Christensen (I decided to take the Republican who affiliates with the Republican party), and locally I voted mostly Republican. However one other Republican I voted down was a county commissioner candidate with quotation marks around his name, I cannot take a candidate seriously who has his name in "quotes". It was rather disappointing to see how many Washington county races were uncontested, I wrote myself in for county assessor, I think Washington county has a real problem with the "good ole boys" network.

Listening to news reports, I'm feeling more confident in my predictions of voter fraud allegations if Democrats don't win as many races as they think they should. I usually scoff at conspiracy theorists voter fraud allegations, but I can see potential problems with the age of the poll workers. Seniors and computers as a whole don't mix too well (oops I'm stereotyping aren't I).

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