Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Redistricting Committee Agrees on a Map with "Stunning" Bipartisan Support

Hat tip Ric Cantrell at the Senate Site:

I got this email on Wednesday regarding the map that would be recommended to bring in a fourth seat for Utah.

"The Redistricting Committee agreed on a map this morning with surprising (some would say stunning) bipartisan support. It doesn't answer the constitutional questions, but I thought you'd be interested in the update."

This map seems reminiscent on the map that SLCSpin was so displeased with earlier in the year (I would link Ethan's posts, but alas I'm too lazy this Sunday morning). I actually have no objections to boundaries that have been drawn up. I don't see a problem with having one specific district setup in which Democrats can enjoy better chances in this red state, although the new district 2 could foreseeably be too liberal for Matheson.

I still feel that pursuing our fourth seat via a D.C. congressional seat compromise, is selling our states best interest short. The only thing that could change my mind on this is if the soon to be Democrat controlled Congress will push the D.C. seat regardless of whether or not Utah supports the compromise (if we can beat it than we might as well join it philosophy) otherwise I think it would be wiser to back off until after the next census results around 2012.

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Frank Staheli said...

I agree with you. Let's wait. It took an amendment to the Constitution to get DC residents any national voting rights at all.

We'd really be selling ourselves short if we go about it the wrong way.