Thursday, April 05, 2007

St. George -- America's Fastest Growing Community

I learned that my town is the fastest growing community in the United States. It is always interesting to receive any "#1" distinction, but I wonder if St. George is handling the growth. According to Yahoo, St. George's median house price for new homes has dropped 48% at 299,900 and the overall median price is still nearly 400,000 -- very pricey for anyone looking for starter homes. Washington County School District cannot attract enough teachers to this county, and from what I understand the fire and police departments are experiencing similar woes respectively. Another subject of irritation for me is the roads and public services in this town, as my visiting brother-in-law put it, "St. George is a big city without the infrastucture."

I wonder what the coming months and years will have for St. George. I have a feeling that they maybe quite painful.

A vast number of locals who have purchased homes recently are in ARM's or negative ammortization loans. I have recently heard many stories of clients who have been approached about predatory lending arrangements, or clients that know people who are in predatory lending arrangements. I had a mortgage officer-client who discovered over 18 of his neighbors had signed into the infamous Franklin Squires ponzai scheme. As a reference, the scheme goes like this: Franklin Squires basically arrange to buy houses at above market prices and give a kickback to the buyer. They then offer (or rather require) for the buyer to invest the borrowed money with their company to keep their ponzai scheme going.

I fear that there may be many foreclosures eminent in this the fastest growing town.


Anonymous said...

"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell."

- Ed Abbey

pramahaphil said...

Amen, Ed

Anonymous said...

Please tell us more about this real estate scheme...

Anonymous said...

what a neat blog! I actually live up north in Utah County. I was reasearching the damage Franklin Squires has done to others. I have immediate family members that are one of the founders--and the path that greed greed takes you is a sad one. I hope your friends can find a way out of those loans, and into a standard mortgage. Thanks for letting me jump in.

Robert said...

If you have been a victim of the Franklin Squires or Please contact our offices at Western Capital via email at

Scot said...

Wow, 18 of his neighbors! What a joke.

Get your facts straight at least about how Equity Mill actually works.

B.T.W. Beware of this "Robert" Paisola and his bogus "Western Capital" company. He likes little boys. Seriously!





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Robert Paisola said...

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Robert Paisola said...

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Anonymous said...

1) Robert Paisola is a hack and a fraudster - just look at his interview on MSNBC re: prisoners and all of the various information about him on the internet.

2) The original blog is based on mis-information. The blogger should get his facts straight before publishing lies as truth.

Anonymous said...

Koerber is a fraudster too. Both he and Paisola have the ability to lie through their teeth.

FS is a ponzi scam. He hasn't paid people since June because the regulators stopped the new money from comming in.