Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Healthcare -- My Paradigm Shift

As most paradigm shifts occur, mine comes due to very difficult personal issues.

Out of school my first job (the one which I am still employed) is in a very small firm that hasn't provided health care coverage for its employees. I don't curse my employer -- small employer health care plans are about as affordable as the individual employees providing their own insurance. It was soon after this that my doctor noted that my second child didn't gain sufficient weight in her first year, the doctor noted concerns that she may be susceptible to host of different conditions. In this case my wife and I were left with prayer and faith as the strongest source of comfort -- it worked our daughter is robust and healthy. Now my one year old son has been diagnosed with a possibly debilitating disorder known as leukodystrophy (there are several classes of this disorder and the doctors are still uncertain as to the exact type) Fortunately, CHIP enrollment opened again and the income requirements have raised to a level that my children finally qualify.

However, it has been a heart-aching experience over the past year being unable provide my son with all of the health care that his caring physicians have suggested. Not to mention lacking health insurance on my wife and myself has been frightening at times, lets just say I exercise religiously and I drive extremely cautiously. There are many benevolent organizations that have provided my son with therapeutic services virtually cost free, for all of which I am extremely grateful. These events have led me to question my long-held stance that health care needs to remain a fully privatized venture.

Although, I am well acquainted with inefficiencies of a few despised Federal agencies I'm growing (in small steps) to believe that nationalized health care my not be as bad as I have sometimes lamented. I'm not suggesting that the idea of Walter Reed Medical Center's nationwide doesn't repulse me, but a system in which anyone can get (grantedly sub par) health care as opposed to no health care is gaining some appeal to me.

I still have some strong points in opposition. The horror stories of VA medical centers are one example, and the needed increases in tax revenue to pull off such a policy shift are colossal. I heard somewhere the absurd suggestion of a "fat" tax, an idea in tax policy that may create a whole host of new eating disorders.

Something needs to be done to provide affordable health care to all Americans, I'm afraid we all know the answer and for some of the reasons cited above we are loathing to admit it.


Voice of Utah said...

This is a very insightful post. I'm sorry to hear about your child; I hope he is doing better.

Voice of Utah said...

Typo -- I meant she.

pramahaphil said...


The second child is the girl, and the one year old is my boy. So you were right all along.

Jeremy said...

I'm also sorry to hear about your son's problems. Nothing puts an issue into better perspective than when it directly affects one of your kids. I hope everything works out for you.

I'm not ready to advocate for a centralized government run healthcare system but clearly the present situation needs to be looked at.

Rob said...
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Rob said...

I'm ready Jeremy. This is a safety net that not only could help every American, it would be especially helpful to small business owners.

I can't get insurence because of diabtes, high blood pressure, and chest pains. I don't have diabetes or high blood pressure, and my chest pain went away when my gall bladder was removed. AT this point of time a minor emergency could bankrupt me. Live and go broke, or die and leave my family without financial support.

But those who are true blue capitalists will reap the rewards and profits, and what the hell, it's just another broke or dead Democrat anyway.

This is an American issue that all Americans should work together to solve.

Anonymous said...

I agree with having a national healthcare system for a long list of reasons..i think i'll come back and write them when its not 4:30am.

Frank Staheli said...

I recently listened to a lecture by a Dr. David Gratzer, who is licensed both in the US and Canada. I just purchased his book "The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care" from Amazon and can't wait till it gets here.

He points out that comparisons with other socialistic systems cannot be accurate unless we realize that America's system is already very socialist, with 50% of health costs being paid for by some level of government. In other words, I suspect that the problems your child is having with our health care system would be fewer if the government weren't so burdensome.

I will post my insights on Simple Utah Mormon Politics, and I hope it will bring insights to your situation.

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