Thursday, September 27, 2007

Parents for Choice in Education Recent Campaign ad a Big Miss

Okay -- I'm all for vouchers. However I was extremely disappointed with the only pro-voucher ad I have seen here in Sant George. I found the closest version I could on YouTube. This ad is about as pathetic as John Swallow's (I think that was the name of the loser who ran against Matheson a few years ago) negative attack ads that tried to align Matheson with Nancy Pelosi, and Ted Kennedy (ahhh!). Swallow's campaign failed miserablely then, and if this type of ad is the only kind of ammo PCE is going to use in the voucher debate Referendum 1 may fail miserably as well.

Although I disagree with the anti-voucher crowd, I give them an A for keeping their campaign focused on the issues. (Even if I find many of their cited issues moot and invalid)

Anywho, that was just my small rant for the day and I hope that the PCE leaders take another look at their ad campaign. There are many positives of the voucher plan other than "conservatives support vouchers, and if your against vouchers you are flaming liberal or a pinko Commi!" Last of all -- please PCE, don't bring Mormonism into the debate like Paul Mero alledgedly did.


Voice of Utah said...

Wow, that is lame. It's not as silly as their radio ad, but it's still pretty weak.

CR said...

Don't expect them to change a thing Mr. Green, it's not in their nature.

Jesse Harris said...

With allies like PCE and The Sutherland Institute, who needs enemies? They're doing more damage to vouchers by saying ridiculous things than any anti-voucher activist ever could.

David said...

I'm with Jesse here. It seems like the Utah legislature with their super-majority and "safe red state" mentality don't want to bother with a solid defense for their actions. (Collectively that is, there are certainly individuals in the legislature who are good at sticking to the facts in their arguments - Steve Urqhart for example.)

They seem to want to stick their heads in the sand and blame liberals rather than defending the law they passed - the Governor is a prime example of this behavior.