Monday, October 15, 2007

Vouchers -- Legislative Fiscal Analyst's Report

Ric Cantrell has provided me with a full breakdown of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst's Report. I don't know that this complete of a copy has been published anywhere. Take a look. I think it provides some clearer insight into one of -- if not the most important arguments in the voucher debate. I will do the same after the extended tax filing deadline passes tonight. I may need a couple of hours to brush up on price elasticity of demand, however I look forward to doing some (hopefully) useful analysis of this issue.

If vouchers will do (provide overall savings to the public school system, while providing taxpayer choice of how and where to educate their children) what proponants believe they will do, than vouchers deserve favorable consideration. However, if their is no financial or class size benefit to the public school system while subsidizing private schools than vouchers are a bad idea and should be voted down.

To me this is the issue! Everything else is noise.


Jesse Harris said...

It's about bleeding time that the "gross vs. net" question got answered. You'd think this kind of breakdown would have been posted months ago to avoid all of this money and funding confusion.

Jeremy said...

I have to agree with Jesse. I'm plenty sick of the whole voucher debate...mainly because hard numbers haven't been available to either side. Now that we have them I leave it to much smarter people than I to use them to further complicate the issue :-)

I admit I've been guilty of relying on the "Impartial Analysis" to make my point on the costs of this program but arguments UTA and others made have merit. I think vouchers won't save taxpayers anything but would love to be proven wrong. It wouldn't change my opinion on how I'll vote on the referendum but at least I'd know that this legislation is less harmful than I assumed.

Now...if the LFA could mail this information to 6 months ago maybe we'd all be better informed.