Monday, November 26, 2007

BYU - Utah: Testosterone in the Beehive State

The rivalry game was once again a great game -- until the bitter end. BYU played solid ball at the end, but it was irritating to see the Ref's make such crappy calls during such a pivotal moment in the game. (i.e. the alleged PI call, and the personal foul on the Utes that under identical circumstances a drive earlier with the Y was ignored) I'm not even arguing that the ref's were wrong -- I'm saying when a game is that tight, refs should leave the game in the hands of the players.

KSL Boards have been interesting regarding the game -- alright somewhat idiotic. Both Utah and BYU fans are bursting with emotion at each other about a game that, to the average fan, should mean little more than a few hours of entertainment on a Saturday afternoon. It is fairly incredible how emotionally invested people become in the wins and losses of a team with which they really have no stake. It is apparent that while many in the Beehive state preach charity and brotherly kindness on Sunday's those rules don't apply in Rice Eccles Stadium, LaVell Edwards Stadium or on

UPDATE: DesNews had the fairest assessment of what happened on Saturday. There were questionable calls, but blowing that 4th and 18 was inexcusable.

On another note, my dislike of zoobies was kindled again by BYU player Austin Collie who commented:

"When your doing what is right, on and off the field, the Lord steps in and plays a part."

The DesNews author rightly rebutted:

"Seems to me (if) the Lord cared so much about BYU winning, the cougars would beat the Utes 100-0 every year and not lose games to UCLA and Tulsa."

Good Luck to BYU in Bowls and B-Ball. The UNC game was great. They have an awesome Coach in Rose who used to coach here at Dixie (I think)


Bradley said...

Sorry for the off-topic comment. You've been nominated for the Bloghive Advisory Board. I'm closing the nominations tonight, 11/26. Do you accept the nomination? (You're welcome to delete this comment after you've seen it.)

pramahaphil said...

Heck yes

Cameron said...

If the Utes had simply covered the Cougs best receiver, instead of leaving him wide open, they wouldn't have to be whining about the refs. 4th and 18 for 47 yards? Come on.

That KSL link is pretty crazy though. But even more crazy is that the Ute fan said this, despite coming away with a broken nose:

"He's angry that his attacker was never caught, but there was one thing that hurt much worse than his injuries. "I'm a true Utah fan, so I would say the loss," he said."

Salt H2O said...

I'll talk a good smack before the game, and during the game, but after the game? Dude, it's over.

After 4th and 18 is there really anything left to say?

pramahaphil said...

I'm not trying to blame the loss on the officiating. In fact I'll admit it I'm pouting. If the Utes would have played good defense on that 4th down, I'd have nothing I'd complain about.

steve u. said...

David did coach at Dixie. He also played baseball and hoops at Dixie. After that, he went to the University of Houston and played on the Phi Slamma Jama team w/ Olajawon, Drexler, etc.

I've known David and his family since he was a kid in Houston (his mom recently told me I gave her grey hair -- not true, if you know her boys). He is a great person, and it is a lot of fun seeing him have some well-deserved success.

Cameron said...

Today's Des News has another interview with Collie that puts his comments in proper perspective.