Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Iran -- No Nuke Program

I have for the most part been a supporter of the Bush administration, and when I have found the Bush administration wanting I have looked the other way. No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq -- fine. Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator who needed to be removed from power (should have happened over a decade earlier in GWI). The other scandals that have plagued his administration to a certain point seemed like dirty politics, but nothing worse than what I've seen come from other Presidents. However (if reports are accurate) the Bush Administration has crossed a major line.

For months there has been a concerted effort by conservative pundits, the Bush administration, and others in the Federal government to paint the Iranian government as a threat to world peace, with a Nazi-esque leader, and a full scale nuclear weapons program. The suggestion was made by several right-wingers that the US needs to attack Iran preemptively. A frightening proposition, all warranted if the rhetoric coming from the Bush administration is true. Unfortunately, (according to recent reports) one major issue of the Iran rhetoric is false. Iran has no nuclear weapons program, and hasn't for years.

I can accept bad intelligence as an excuse the first time, but a second time, and regarding a matter that has become a central issue in the Bush administration? I shudder to find myself echoing impeachment sentiments of left-wingers like Rocky Andersen and Congressional Democrats. However, given the (apparent) reckless foreign policy of the Bush administration to provoke, intimidate, and condemn (by fraudulent means) foreign powers -- impeachment of the commander-in-chief (quite possibly)needs to be explored.

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