Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PCU -- Dixie State College...Red Storm?

I grew up with parents who were fanatical Dixie College alumni (ironically neither of them actually received degrees from the school). Dixie College Rebels was a mascot that fit the schools name and the nickname of the region.

I understand the connection that the politically oversensitive make between the mascot and the states who succeeded from the U.S. because of slavery. The school saw the unfortunate connection over a decade ago and has done several things to disconnect itself from that image (removing the Confederate Flag as the official flag, redesigning the physical mascot from a Confederate soldier costume to a bird, and other changes).

However, forces of political correctness didn't give up -- the schools mascot is now a red storm!?! What the hell does a red storm mean? The illustration the school gave is a tornado with bull horns and a bull ring, and the costumed mascot is a bull.

Okay, good now the schools mascot isn't offensive, or is it? What about Midwestern people who actually suffer through tornadoes, or cattle ranchers who have been hurt in a senseless bull charging? We must think of a less offensive mascot.......maybe the seagull would have a better connection to state (although we can't offend people who have had their cars shat upon) they could have gone with Red Necks and brought back the old confederate soldier costume. Collegiate PC is so much fun.

Any suggestions for a less offensive mascot than a half atmospheric phenomenon-half cow?
Oh well, if this post was gay I apologize -- I'm feeling quite bored today and I fear my wit may have deserted me.


Alienated Wannabe said...

Red Storm? I feel your pain. It sounds like a bunch of Commies!

Or, a reference to the Tom Clancy novel, "Red Storm Rising," about World War Three. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Storm_Rising)

Trav said...

I am a student at DSC and I am so embarrassed... it really is awful.