Friday, August 06, 2010

Lee -- What's Not to Like About the Guy?

I will not vote for Mike Lee. I'm sure he is a nice fellow. When a candidate tries as hard as Lee has to tie himself to the extreme elements of his party, it is usually a sign that the candidate lacks any individual integrity or character. Here is my list of reasons to keep Lee out of the Senate:

He exploits obscure extreme LDS doctrine.
He panders to xenophobes and racists.
Making clear that illegal aliens will not receive amnesty in any form, and must return to their own countries before applying for a visa; illegal aliens should receive no benefit from having entered the United States illegally, and should not be granted guest-worker visas or the opportunity to “purchase” lawful immigration status.
He has already gotten in bed with Orrin Hatch.
He supports bailing out BP, while deriding the financial bailout through his other face.
He believes in salad bar conservatism.
He wants Congress to check with state legislatures before doing anything.
He has his interpretation of the Constitution (Lionel Hutz-like smile and yes-nod) and there is the Judicial system's interpretation of the Constitution (Lionel Hutz-like frown and no-nod):

He reached this opinion through his reading of a section of the U.S. Constitution known as the “enclave clause,” which he argues requires a state to give up all legal rights to land that would become off-limits to development.

Lee, an attorney, acknowledges the courts don’t support his interpretation. They instead have found that the federal government does not need permission to turn already public lands into protected wilderness.

“It’s not,” Lee said, “how the courts would look at it today.”

He has a Bill Clinton like ability to define his illegal actions within the scope of following the rules.

Granato, come on! Hit him in the throat with this!

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