Friday, December 28, 2012

On Gun Control

While I think we should consider limits on the kinds of weapons and ammunition that the average American owns, we need to be realistic. Gun legislation (short of a complete 2nd Amendment Repeal) will only be a Band Aid on stopping events like Sandy Hook, VT, and Columbine and a repeal of the second amendment will never happen -- nor should a repeal happen. Therefore the only viable solution for stopping mass shootings at schools, is to provide each public school in the country with onsite law enforcement or arms for educators, administrators, or both. Without armed school employees or officers, shootings at schools will continue


Anonymous said...

Although I do not agree with your first statement concerning limiting the types of weapons and ammunition a citizen can own, I do agree with your view of arming properly trained educators or posting law enforcement in schools.

Anonymous said...

As a left-leaning citizen, I agree that there should be limitations on arms. However, it is extremely unlikely that this limitation would ever actually happen without a hitch because of the roots it has in the Constitution. Even so, how successful would this be? Would denying access to guns solve violence or simply redirect it?
The idea of having enforcement in every school is a good one, but it is not without its issues. The main issues I think of are (1) the expenses and (2) liberal families all over America who would likely not be comfortable with sending their children to schools where arms are present.

Anonymous said...

As a conservative I am against gun control. We have the right to bear arms as indicated in the 2nd Amendment. Guns allow us to protect our families, others and ourselves. When used properly they are like a tool, if you are protecting yourself then you have the right to use your gun to do that. Most of the school shootings happened in a "gun-free" zone, if a teacher or security guard had a gun, then most likely the murder of those children would probably not have taken place.

Limiting ammunition or weapons is not the problem. Those men who committed those horrible acts at those schools would have used a different gun or different ammunition even if there were "limits" on some of them.

If you limited magazine capacities then the criminal is just going to buy more magazines, the quantity wont stop them, they are determined to do terrible acts.

I do agree with you that there needs to be armed security on school campuses of all grades, to protect our children and our students.

Anonymous said...

There is the right to bear arms and then the right to life, and liberty. Which one trumps the other? The right to life. Guns are here to stay and so we need to make the environment safe and universities have protection on campus, so should other schools.