Friday, February 12, 2016

Hello Again.....

It has been many years since I have visited the blogosphere. I must admit I miss writing. I don't know that anyone blogs anymore, but tweeting is so stupid and I just despise the political discourse that happens via Facebook.

I have lost most of my faith in the American political process. 10+ years ago when I was blogging daily, I would have laughed myself to tears if you would have told me Donald Trump was looking the be the GOP nominee. A nation that is willing to turn to that Oompa Loompa is a nation out of answers and out of ideas.

While I think much of the blame goes to baby boomers, the self-centered hippy generation given to us by the greatest generation before them. However, I'm afraid the worst generation has just reached voting age. The Millennials, a generation of left-wing brain dead parrots, a generation of spoiled brat-only children, a generation coddled, they are turning into the strongest voting demographic in America. They helped elect Barack Obama, and if the GOP is brain-dead enough to nominate Mr. Trump, they are sure to help elect Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton.

Interestingly enough, I believe Bernie Sanders is the most sincere and honest candidate in the entire field. Sincerity and honesty would win me over if it wasn't for his batshit crazy social policies. While I think Hilary is the most dishonest candidate in the field, I believe she would maintain the status quo - and maintaining the status quo sounds far better then any more hope and change.

On to Ted Cruz. When I here announcements from evangelicals that a certain candidate is a man of God, I dry heave. Making a pronouncement like that is such a huge turn off because, as president, this man will likely do so many ungodly things that will make Christian virtue look more like a vomit stain then a beacon of goodness. Evangelical endorsements are the biggest turn off for me.

I am fond of Marco Rubio and Mr. Kaisich. I am fond of them if for no other reason than they strike me nice moderate candidates. We need moderates, especially in the White House. Presidents on the extreme are either in-effective or they have to act as dictators to be effective. Moderates, on the other hand, are able to make compromises that, ideally, bring to pass the best solutions to our nation's issues. While extremists hate compromise, it seems better to me than the constant gridlock we now see,

Regardless, I do not have much faith that any of the current presidential candidates will do anything to make our country better. I plan on writing more heavily. I'm not writing to look for fights, but to sort through my ever increasing apathy to politics. Comment if you wish, I enjoy the dialogue Sometimes dialogue in the blogosphere has completely changed my mind on an issue, and I hope to have that kind of dialogue here. If nothing else, I enjoy writing essays.

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