Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Worthless Blog

I was on another blog and I noticed an icon saying "My blog is worth $XXXXX". I checked it out and discovered that My blog was worth $0.00, wawawaaa. A little sad but not a big deal, I find my blog to have a great deal of value to me.

I got curious about other blogs in the Utah blogosphere and I found The World According to Me and SLCSpin topping out at a value of nearly 21,000 dollars each. Mozeltopf! That is only second to Alito's blog at nearly 25,000 dollars. Now the only question for Ethan and Bob is how to tap into those funds.

Happy Blogging!

1 comment:

Cliff said...

Yeeehooo, is worth over 30,000 !

Thanks for the heads up. btw, I take a cool $500 bucks cash.

I linked to you. Keep up the good work. The effort shows.