Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hannity v. Rocky -- The Showdown

This morning I heard it reported that Hannity and Rocky Anderson were going to go the rounds on Fox News, and so I tuned in to his show curious as to whether there would be a debate on the radio. A caller in SLC called in saying that KSL reported the debate was cancelled and Anderson claimed that Hannity was Chicken (seriously the call was almost this sophmoric) and Hannity metaphorically took the dare and annonced that he wants to set up a debate with Rocky in SLC for local charities.

This debate deserves a nickname, i.e Rumble in the Jungle, Blowhard Brawl. Nonetheless, I think I would buy this ticket.


Rob said...

The Seagull Squabble!

pramahaphil said...

We need to add Celebrity Deathmatch to the list, thanks to Bob Aagard.

Anonymous said...

Mullah Cimoc say hannity him so afraid of this anderson man.

hannity him working for mighty wurlitzer. (Google: mighty wurlitzer +cia)

him brain not so smart this hannity. him soon to get him ass kicked by the ANDERSON.