Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rocky V. O'Reilly

Rocky and O'Reilly went at it last night. I think Hannity ought to watch this (and probably did) and avoid his debate with Rocky (which it appears he is still doing). I would argue that O'Reilly is a far more eloquant debator, and he didn't fair all that well against the rival blowhard.

However, I think this moment should be added to the mountain of evidence that Rocky should have quit being mayor years ago so he could go be the activists that he truely is.

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Nathan said...

I've often wondered if Rocky Anderson is / was on the Salt Lake City Payroll during his activist adventures. If I were a citizen of the City, I would demand those payroll records be made pubic. He's being paid to run a city, and if he's not running a city that day and getting paid for it - that's a fraudulent