Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Buttar's Quoted on a White Supremacist's Blog

Hat-tip Salt Lake Crawler:

I hope fellow 10th State Senate District voters take note, Chris Buttars' gaffe is being fondly quoted by white supremacists. The Alaskan white supremacist blogger referred to Buttars as his "favorite" state senator while quoting the infamous "This baby is black" comment. The blogger was discussing his contempt for Jews and the US Holocaust Museum in the referenced post.

Buttars' comment may not have had racist intent, but the comment (and it appears the Senator) sure struck accord with racists. My guess is this disturbed fellow would be quite fond of Margaret Dayton as well. I think we all can be proud of the image that (some of) our state representatives are portraying of our state -- kudos Buttars, Dayton, and Utah Eagle Forum.


Anonymous said...

More great national news about Utah! Wow, we can't pay enough for such publicity to attract so many more people just like them!

We should all be so proud of our legislators and the image they portray of Utahns in the national media! NOT!

Anonymous said...

When the NAACP asks you to resign, you resign! What's so hard about that to understand?