Thursday, February 21, 2008

If Buttars' Faux Pax Created So Much Ire, I'm Surprised This Flew Under the Radar

The Trib had an article about Buttars getting back to work -- he is quietly trying not to say anything else that would raise the eyebrows of the public. One comment from Sen. Margaret Dayton, R-Orem caught my attention regarding a bill to create a registry for minority-owned businesses that would help them compete for federal, state, and private contracts set aside for such businesses, a bill which she and Buttars both opposed.

"It seems like the white male is such a burden or frustration to society. I really have angst with the growing discrimination towards the white male family-oriented Christian male. I'm just really frustrated with that."

To me, that seems like a much more racially charged comment than Buttars "This baby's black" comment -- you can almost see the robes and pillow cases. Are you serious? Especially here in Utah, where in many parts of the state there is ne'er a minority to be found.

I agree that pursuing affirmative action policies likely isn't the best remedy -- unless there is a problem is bad enough. (i.e. documented cases where a minority was denied a bid for no discernable reason other than race) However, to suggest some kind of a problem with white, male, Christian business owners being discriminated against, here in Utah, is a blatantly exaggerated fabrication.

In a side note, Buttars wisely refused to comment on his opposition to the bill.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys:

I lost my job yesterday because my superivsor heard me giving my name to a customer.

I made it all through life without a problem but now i will probably lose my home because of your politically correct complaining.

Thanks a lot,

David Lynch Black

pramahaphil said...
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pramahaphil said...

I'm sorry to hear it. Good luck. I apologize for what I originally wrote -- it was uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The problem is that the ire is not really about Buttars' statement but about Buttars long standing politics. He has stood up against liberal causes and made himself a target. Today's anti-rally at the capital tells the story. It was mostly gay activists.

Buttars remarks where careless and he was right to apologize. But when it comes down to it, he is not a racist and this is not about that stupid comment.

BTW, the comment he made was on a bill that was stealing public school resources from our (mine and yours) senate district. That bill will actually hurt the minorities in our areas and benefit the uber white east side. Ironic.


Anonymous said...

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