Friday, February 15, 2008

Anyone Wonder Who Votes for Buttars

This comment was a follow-up from a comment that I deleted for being less than civil. I decided to give this comment top posting, because it demonstrates what kind of individual agrees with and supports the policy agenda and decisions of Chris Buttars:

"another free speech phoney. can't take the truth huh?

well, once more then: this is a concocted media circus created to punish buttars for opposing the fag marriage registry from the slcf.o.g. (fag occupation government).down with f.o.g., long live buttars."

I would bet that Chris Buttars really would be appalled if he realized his constituency is made up of KKK loving, gay bashing, cross burning individuals like the anon who came trolling to Green Jello -- he would be appalled. However, this is who Buttars attracts.

P.S. If your going to come trolling on my blog looking for a fight at least have the intestinal fortitude to post as you rather than as anonymous. What are your plans this weekend anon? Any cross burnings?


Anonymous said...

you are such an obedient little puppy. sucking down every bit of politically correct nonsense put forth by you media masters. pathetic.

you are sickening. but the punishment is your. your woman (ASSUMING YOU HAVE ONE)will find someone who is not a weak and obliging weanie. no real woman would want to breed with you.

pramahaphil said...

I assume that is a yes on the cross burnings.

Cameron said...


Anonymous said...

The republicans have been working hard to dig up the dirt on Obama now that he is the front runner.

Chris Buttars is holding a press conference today to announce that he has it on good authority, that Obama has fathered [not one but] two black babies.

The Senate Site said...

Wow. Apologies Green Jello. We're getting a few of this kind of shocking cretin comments on the Senate Site but from people who are angry at Senator Buttars. Episodes like this can bring out the worst in people.