Monday, May 24, 2010

Hooray for Rep. Ray and Shelby's Law!

The Ethan Stacy case may lead to the use of a law that (I'm sure) lawmakers hoped would never be needed again.

In 2006, Shelby Andrews died after being brutally abused by her parents Ryan and Angela Andrews for a year or more. When charges were filed, Syracuse Police were frustrated to learn that aggravated murder charges were not an option in that case. Syracuse Police later testified to the legislature in committee hearings to help get Shelby's law passed.

Four years passed by, and unfortunately, the brutality of unfit parents remains with this new and horrific example. Ethan Stacy's mother and "stepfather," or mother's boyfriend deserve the death penalty and whatever suffering the next world may inflict on the cruel and inhumane.

Bravo to the Legislature for passing Shelby's law, and I hope the the Davis County DA is brave enough to use it. Parents who are that brutal to their children, or who fail to protect their children from such violence deserve the most severe punishments that can be inflicted upon them.

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