Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mike Lee -- This is insane!

Utah Republicans need to vote this guy out of the primary.

I don't have complete faith that they will. Unfortunately, much of Utah Republican ideology seems to have been hijacked by the rhetoric of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. Combine that with the "Republican Party = Temple Worthy Mormon" idiots in this state, and we this video may lead us to have this schmuck as a Senator.

I agree with Ethan Millard. Delegates, please don't give us another Chaffetz!

As a Mormon, this video is quite disturbing and insulting. It is disconcerting that either Mike Lee, or a supporter or Mike Lee, believes that this religiously manipulative crap can win votes. Even more disconcerting, is that I can see some RP=TWM delegates actually feeling "the spirit" from this piece and casting their votes for this guy.


SonsOfMadison said...

Great logic. Let us hold Mike Lee accountable for the stupidity of a single follower. Come on. Your disdain for Lee as a candidate has blinded your idea of common sense.

Phillip Bell, EA said...
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Phillip Bell, EA said...

No my friend, there is more than this piece of crap created by an (alleged) single follower that causes my disdain for candidate Mike Lee.

-- Anchor Baby is a fine place to start (with or without the retraction)

Anonymous said...

This video was created as a smear tactic by a supporter of an opposing candidate -- not by any Mike Lee supporter.

Phillip Bell, EA said...

cite your source anon.

Phillip Bell, EA said...

PS -- If its any consolation, I think all the candidates for Senate stink