Friday, July 02, 2010

Hatch votes No on Kagen and says "Please Don't Can Me!"

Senator Hatch announced that, for the second time in 34 years, he will vote against a SCOTUS nominee.

So why the no vote? Answer: He knows (or at least feels) that his days are numbered.

Unfortunately Hatch fails to show intellectual honesty or respect for the intelligence of his constituency in this strategy. Senator Hatch gave nothing but glowing praise for Kagen as a Solicitor General nominee, "brilliant legal scholar" are some the words Hatch used to describe the SCOTUS nominee back then -- why a no vote for SCOTUS? His answer:

Hatch said he is not convinced that Kagan wouldn’t become an “activist” justice and that she fails to meet the standard to which he’s held previous nominees.
Seriously?!? Senator Hatch wants the voters of this state to believe he held Ruth "The Crypt Keeper" Bader-Ginsberg to the same standard that is keeping him from voting for Kagen? If you believe that, I have a lovely 4 bedroom home in So. Utah that I'd like to sell you for a mere 300k. Senator Hatch is as corrupt a Washington politician as they come. If any good comes, now or later. from Sen. Bennett's ousting I hope that it includes the ousting of Senator Hatch in '12 -- at least Bennett's ousting got Hatch pretending to try and follow (or even care about) the will of Utah voters.

What a schmuck!

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