Thursday, July 29, 2010

Senator Hatch -- Unethical (un éthik'l)

The title is an homage to the Senator's 2006 Campaign Billboards.

Senator Hatch, the Senator that I love to hate, is such a beacon of honesty and integrity from the Beehive state. For example, he wouldn't dream of skirting federal tax laws. I'm sure he would never try and pay off a GOP official to the tune of 5,000 dollars a month after being appointed Utah State GOP chairman.


It's true. Mike Lee's idol, the senior senator from Utah who has successfully skirted Federal employment tax laws through his campaign for years -- the same laws that cost small businessmen a 100% penalty if caught disobeying. Senator Hatch has kept paying his former campaign manager Dave Hansen 5,000 dollars a month since he officially resigned as Hatch's campaign manager after being elected Utah GOP chief in 2009 -- although he is paid only as a subcontractor.

Dave Hansen's explanation:

He calls the $60,000 “a bonus” for his past work as Hatch’s campaign manager.

That's right a bonus. Is that what Rangel would call it?

At least Hatch finally appears to (hopefully) have his employee classification correct.

Hatch paid Hansen 10,000 a month from 2004 to 2009. Illegally (at least in my opinion) he claimed and paid Hansen as a subcontractor for employment tax purposes. That position was a major stretch to say the least while Hansen was his campaign manager. Unless Hatch allowed Hansen to moonlight as campaign manager for other campaigns, he was an employee.

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