Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Social Security - Changing the Way We Look At Things

So, social security is a big issue for me. With severely disabled kids, I realize that my sons may be extremely dependent on social assistance at some point in their life. Social security is a big resource for assistance to disabled individuals. Soon recipients will out number contributors. This is a disastrous set of circumstances for a retirement system that operates as a Ponzi scheme. The fact that we have not taken appropriate steps to make social security viable for retirees and the disabled is very concerning. Honestly, this should be the biggest domestic concern for all Americans.
This meme is (well) stupid. Social security is a legal Ponzi scheme (I understand, that wasn't the intent of the law when it was framed) but that's what it is. Americans need to get that fact.
Sadly, politicians keep punting this issue to the next generation with worse field position each time. President Trump seems determined to punt yet again, and sadly I fear that this punt will leave us pinned with our backs to the wall and no real way to escape a full collapse of the Social Security system.
We need to stop looking at Social Security as money in the bank and rather look at Social Security as money stolen from future generations. Heavy social security tax hikes or severe cuts are inevitable in order to avoid a real financial meltdown, and these things should be happening now.
I understand Social Security helps many American retirees and disabled individuals, but we need to be honest about Social Security. Social Security doesn't save anyone money, and it never has. It is a welfare program, falsely advertised as retirement savings. Benefits are paid from those that work to those that are not or no longer working. The longer we keep maintaining the status quo the larger the potential disaster becomes.

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