Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump and Hillary - The Election and Campaign of the Impeachables

During this election cycle,  people spent far too much time wringing there hands about voting for the lesser of two evils. The left is continuing to suffer needlessly. There is a simple fact that could have saved and can save alot of agony - both candidates were and are destined for scandal, possible impeachment, and/or single terms.

Hillary's email issues would have crippled her presidency with ever persistent hearings and innuendo of criminal charges. However, she wasn't elected and her demise is not at issue.

Trump has issues and they are plentiful. He is currently dealing with numerous lawsuits related to his companies and most importantly for Trump University fraud allegations. In his forming administration, there are numerous possible conflicts of interest, he doesn't seem to see problems with nepotism, and he has appointed an alleged anti-Semite to his administration. The problems continue. He was caught on tape admitting to what can only be described as sexual assault (or at least indiscretions) with the President-elect citing the fact that being a celebrity allows him to "do whatever he wants to women". He has further threatened to sue women who have alleged to have suffered his sexual advances. There are so many possible avenues of disgrace for the Democrats to lead him through.

The left should look at Donald Trump as a gift. If they play the hand they have been dealt properly, they can ensure the Democratic party several years of Congressional and Executive branch control of the Federal government.

Trump has been looked at as a businessman of questionable integrity for my entire life. From his use of eminent domain to take private property for his businesses, to bilking contractors, to bankruptcies, and so forth. He has been willing to attach his name to anything for the right price for years. Unfortunately, some of those things with his name attached are coming back to haunt him. Trump University sought to capitalize on the private university market of the past 10 to 20 years. However, like many private for profit universities, they took money and provided nothing of value in return. The degrees were useless, and now students are coming back for damages. This can be a huge black eye, and source of impeachable evidence against the Trump administration.

Trump is moving to have his three competent children made members of his administration, and he is planning to hand control of his businesses to these same children. There are two huge issues here. Nepotism, from what I understand, is pretty strictly prohibited in the federal government. The children having access to the president and sensitive data, and controlling the presidents businesses creates conflicts of interest as large as Mount Everest. This needs to be monitored very heavy for inappropriate use of privileged information, security information leaks, the qualifications of his children for high level positions in the administration, and mishandled conflicts of interest by the Trump kids. The possible problems here are massive and the potential for scandal is equally as massive.

Donald Trump has threatened to sue his victims. The left should do all they can to ensure that this happens. He has already confessed to being a serial sexual harasser - he even provided motive. The motive he provided is even chillingly similar to the motive many cite for rapists. Donald Trump felt like he could treat women like objects because his celebrity status gave him the power. The left should do all they can to make him end up in court facing these women.

I actually consider myself a conservative. However, we need to be honest. The GOP elected a time bomb waiting to explode. Any sensible Trump advisors will seek to dismantle these traps as quickly as possible. If the wounded left knows their game, they should and will seek to exploit these traps at every opportunity.

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