Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bob Schultz -- "We The People"

On Steve U's blog there was a commenter on the budget post that kept refering to a Bob Schultz and We the People. The commenter had a high opinion of this man and asked Steve Urquhart to render an opinion of Mr. Schultz's arguements about the legality of the income tax. It is apparent that Steve didn't feel the need to bother with this (Steve's a smart man thats why he gets elected) likely because of the lunacy of the arguements.

Concerned Citizen -- Quatloos (an organization devoted to uncovering financial fraud schemes) has rendered an excellent opinion of Bob Schultz. I suggest anyone who has been approached about such schemes and scammers pay a visits the the above mentioned website.

I do appreciate the dramatics that Mr. Schultz likes to resort to, some of his antics have included threatening the IRS to arrest him (this was predictably toned down after Lynne Meredith, fellow scamer, was indicted) and even going on a hunger strike to draw attention to himself. He's just another swindler selling lies to eager listeners like Concerned Citizen.

Update: this is a recent decision involving a WTP disciple.


Anonymous said...

As someone who's spent the last 15 years researching this issue, all I can say is you're ignorance is beyond words...

There's too much to convey to convince you, so you'll have to do your own research... you can begin by watching From Freedom To Facsism

pramahaphil said...

Bob Schultz is that you? I can tell your research has paid off. How much time have you spent in prison so far?

I love dealing with cowards like you. You benefit from living in the greatest nation in the world and then refuse to pay your fair share, based on arguements that have been struck down by every court in the nation.

By the way what United States of America do you live in:



The United States of America

Come on back for more, maybe grow a spine next time and reveal yourself.