Monday, December 19, 2005

UTAH QUARTER: Mormon symbol doesn't belong on coin

Ah yes the Salt Lake Tribune editorial board.... They published an editorial this weekend that seems fairly ridiculous to me. I guess they think that everything about Utah must be politically incorrect. The article states, "The beehive is a beloved and enduring symbol of Mormon culture. The federal guidelines for the U.S. Mint's popular 50 State Quarters Program prohibit depictions that are specific to one religious organization. If you know anything about Utah history and the symbols of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you know immediately that the beehive should be disqualified. " Nevermind the fact that the beehive is on the state flag, nevermind the fact that Utah's nickname has always been the "Beehive state", and nevermind the fact that the Mormon church has always avoided symbols as items of worship. As Charley Foster so aptly points out in his blog today, "by the Tribs logic the atheist's lawsuit against the Highway should have been based on the fact the beehive is on the crosses, and not the cross itself."

First, if you know anything about the Mormon Church, there are no symbols. I'll grant you the angel Moroni is the closest (the statue on top of all temples). I don't know why the church keeps the beehive on the pulpit of the conference center, but I assure all of my readers that Mormons don't see the beehive as a symbol of worship or reverence. The beehive was intended (as far as I understand) as a symbol of being industrious, of self-sufficiency -- all traits that are desirable to a society.

Second, why shouldn't a symbol that has been an intricate part of the state's history be excluded from the commemorative quarter. It's not like the beehive is a swastika, or the confederate flag of the old south. If they wanted the Angel Moroni on it, than I could see the religious offense. It just seems like the same old ACLU/Cliff Lyon/Rocky Anderson BS. If there is anything Mormon-esque it must be opposed and taunted all in the name of protecting the delicate feelings of oppressed non-LDS people residing in the State of Utah.

I guess someone should probably sue to get rid of the seagull as the state bird. After all the seagull has its roots with Mormon pioneers. Actually everything in regards to the state except national parks and skiing is likely offensive by SLTrib standards.

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