Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kearns High School -- Class of 1996

I had the opportunity to go home to Kearns for my 10 year class reunion. It was really fun. I skipped out on the formal celebrations and attended a Kearns High home football game. Kearns won a rare victory of 40-0 over West High another working class school. It was exciting to see Kearns win. Some things never change though, the game was rough and there were a ton of cops at the game, but that is how I remember Kearns.

At the picnic I saw a lot of people whom I hadn't seen since graduation. It was interesting to watch old personalities jump out. I found myself quickly assuming the former role of class clown. I was impressed at the paths my classmates had taken, many had graduate degrees or were in the process of doing so, some were working with very prestigious companies, all very remarkable for kids coming from a school and area that is largely dismissed as a "ghetto".

I'm married into a family where most of the kids attended Skyline, the sports equivalent to Notre Dame or Miami in Utah high school football. I've occasionally been teased (always in fun) this time of year by my bro's and father-in-law about my Kearns background. However seeing classmates who have made so much of themselves, I'd have to say I've never been prouder of where I'm from. Kids from my neighborhood may not have won in sports back in school, but they are winning the game of life as adults.

Forgive me for the nostalgia, it was nice to revisit old memories.


Bob said...

I was an Olympus student. However, I made the journey every other day out to Kearns for a TV production class.

The students out there got a bad rap. There was more crap that went on at Olympus than Kearns. The KHS students showed more promise.

-Bob (class of 97)

Anonymous said...

I was and still is a great class dude. You are right I was proud to see it my self.

Your friend,


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the spelling errors. You would think getting a B.S. would have tought me something.

Your friend,


pramahaphil said...

Thats awesome, Bob.

Thanks for visiting Jared