Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thailand in Chaos

I heard a report on the radio that made me quite worried this morning, Thailand under martial law due to a coup against Prime Minister Thaksin. Coups are always scary, because it is never clear how the government of the country will emerge after the dust settles. The Thai people deserve better than the corrupt power mongers who rule that country under the guise of allegience to the Thai king.

I served an LDS mission to Thailand and I truely (I know it sounds cheesy) loved those people. These people would bend over backwards to make sure you were comfortable no matter how poor and dilapidated their living conditions were, and I don't think there are a more (non-Christian) Christlike, loving people on Earth. I really hope that the major strides towards open religious policies over the past several years will not be eroded. Some major allies of Mormonism and Christianity were in the overthrown government, and I pray that the voices that were friendly to Thai Mormons won't be silenced.

I hope that everything works out all right. Please keep the Thai people in your thoughts

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