Monday, June 21, 2010

Bennett States the Obvious

In an apparent jab at his ousters, Senator Bennett told the Deseret News that the new senator will be unable bring change to Washington for quite some time:

it can take years to earn enough respect to start influencing other senators to the point of enacting policy.

Bennett also points out the new senator won't be given Bennett's powerful seat on the appropriations committee.

So take that GOP Convention delegates! Although it is sad to watch a good man desperately cling to his position of power, the choice voters are given for his replacement is worse.

Mike Lee seems more sincere and trustworthy, but some of his positions are as one commentator pointed out "horse@*&$". Tim Bridgewater has more reasonable positions (especially on immigration -- although "anchor baby" makes him look like a jerk) but the inconsistencies between his business dealing and his rhetoric make him look like a potential charlatan.

What the hell! Maybe voting Democrat is the best idea this year -- at least Utah might have a better place at the table in the currently Democratic party controlled Senate. As Bennett says the new senator won't be a factor is Washington for years, so why shouldn't we have a voice on the controlling side of the isle

Does party affiliation really matter anyways?

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