Saturday, June 19, 2010

Utah Utes' PAC-12 Financial Windfall -- Not So Fast!

Well it happened. Utah accepted an invitation to join the PAC-10. Now we Ute fans are supposed to be so excited for all the wonderful changes that will happen to University of Utah Athletics. One of the changes that is being lauded so loudly is the increase in TV revenues.

That isn't actually the case. ESPN reports the following:

Here’s the quote:
“Our conference has a long-standing policy of equal revenue sharing with some exceptions for football television revenue,” Scott said. “We intend to keep that concept in place. There may be some changes as things evolve. The principles will stay in place. The arrangement worked out is that Utah will become a full member of the conference over a period of three years in regards to revenue sharing.”

The next question pertained to Colorado’s revenue share and Scott said the Buffs will be full members in 2012 and there will be discussions about full member benefits if the Buffs join in 2011.

So basically, Utah will only get a portion of the revenue sharing for the first three years because it's coming from a nonautomatic qualifying conference and it has to prove itself.
That's right! Utah, two time BCS bowl game winner, has to prove itself worthy of PAC-12 money while Colorado Buffalo's (no BCS appearances) will be given full membership almost immediately.

I wonder if that policy will hold true if the Utes' earn a PAC-12 championship (Rose Bowl bid) in year one or two. Isn't it great! One of the highest BCS bowl winning teams is being treated like little brother.

PAC sucks. I hope the Utes' stick it to them and run the table in the first year.

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