Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today's Vote

As an independent, I didn't vote in either primary today. Did you?

Ethan Millard isn't fond of Mike Lee supporters calling for Election Day fasts on Twitter. I have to agree with him. Although the LDS Church has suggested that members use spiritual tools like prayer and fasting in determining whom will be the best candidate to elect, I don't think it is appropriate for a political campaign to openly ask for a fast. Such rhetoric alienates the non-LDS population of Utah and erroneously suggests that Mormonism and the Republican Party are (although unofficially "wink") connected.

Mike Lee has been trying to intertwine Mormonism and his candidacy. The use of "he's a true conservative" is just a small example of his campaigns manipulative strategies to connect his candidacy to Utah's predominant religion.

I'm not fond of either GOP candidate. I'm leaning towards Sam Granato irregardless of which GOP candidate wins tonight.

On the Democratic primary side, I'm pretty certain the Democrats won't be dumb enough to vote Matheson out -- doing so would be all but ensure a Morgan Philpot victory. THE Democrat Claudia Wright would lose in a landslide everywhere but SLC.

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