Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The Senate site had a recent post regarding legislation being drafted to make abortion illegal (in the event that SCOTUS overturns Roe V. Wade). The exceptions include rape, incest, severe birth defects, and if the life of the mother being endangered all exceptions that are highly reasonable. It was interesting reading some of the rather venomous comments left on the post. Every piece of ludicrous rhetoric you can imagine that is spued by pro-choicers was levied. "Let 'em it do with a coat hanger, that's real safe," and (Gloria Steinem?) said "Keep your laws and your morals off of my body! Make abortion safe, legal, and rare," and my favorite, "We'll see how you boys like being told what to do with your body!" I would like to explore this issue. Warning: my views on abortion may be slightly right-wing.

I have stayed away from association with the Democratic party in large part because of this issue. I can give credit where credit is due, there have been many suggestions such as better sex ed., increased access to contraception (although I'm not sure where in this country it is difficult to get a condom), insurance coverage for birth control, increased push toward abstinence, etc...from Democrats that have alot of potency in slowing the flood of unwanted pregnancies. However, why do we need abortion.

If a pregnancy is unwanted there are several options that are viable opposed to abortion. For infants, there are many barren sets of parents that would anxiously snatch infants up for adoption. In the worse case scenario children may grow up in orphanages if they are abandoned, which one commenter sarcastically said "I'm glad you get to make the decision for the poor kid that gets thrown in an adoption slum because his or parents couldn't make it" I guess compassionate liberals feel it is better for a kid to be dead than to live in poor or depressed circumstances. Some may argue that kids in unwanted pregnancies may grow up abused or neglected, but I'm guessing kids in the worst slums would rather live than have never been given a chance and more effort needs to be made to help these kids make it -- not aborted. Some very successful Americans have come from "adoption" slums, lets ask them if they think it would have been better to be aborted.

We need a focus of sex ed. pushing towards abstinence, increased access to birth control, and increased access to contraception. However, all this does not mean we need elective abortions. It is hypocritical to dismiss prolife as religious pandering, Roe V. Wade is in opposition of the Declaration of independence, "the right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As a post script, if abortion should stay legal, lets have some consistency and grant euthanasia to terminally ill people. After all, shouldn't they have a right to say what happens to their bodies?

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