Monday, August 21, 2006

Rocky Andersen, Cindy Sheehan, and the Democratic Party's Achilles Heal

I wrote a ranting post about Mayor Andersen, and the circus/protest coming for the President's August 30th Utah visit. I deleted the post because I realized that the post was a rant and contributed nothing valuable.

I believe there is one important problem that Mayor Andersen's protest creates, (problem for Democrats) bringing a extreme leftist like Sheehan to the state will be viewed by many Utahns as a validation of the common perception among pulpit politicians that the Democratic party is the party of extreme leftist. Rocky Andersen's leftist policies and actions have been well received in SLC where the most solid Utah liberal Democrat base exists, but here in right wing St. George he is viewed as extreme left as Gloria Steinem, or Jane Fonda. Unfortunately that perception is easily carried on by many Utahns to the rest of the Democratic party, although some Dem's like Jim Matheson has overcome that perception, overcoming that perception isn't easy.

Rocky Andersen is likely to be the biggest liability for Utah Democrats in Novembers upcoming election. Anyone running for office in precincts outside of Salt Lake should distance themselves as far as possible from the lame duck Mayor.

PS Part of the Plan has an excellent post about the negative impact of the August 30th protest. Having never been a soldier myself, I could never adequately express what he says in his post.


The Truth said...

Rocky is not a Democrat, he is a Republican Stooge! He has no contact with Democratic leadership. He has not been to an event held by the Party for years. He wines that the Party has done nothing for him, but I say, "what have you done for the Party?"

Thanks for your service mayor, but as far as I'm concerned you can go suck an egg!

Anonymous said...

If Rocky's not a Democrat, that'sa good thing. The Dems are no better than the Repubs. It's the same company.