Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Don Dolan

This story is heart breaking. PFC Dolan only 19 years old died after only three months in Iraq. He sounds like a wonderful kid. He sounds like he may not have been adequately prepared for the dangerous circumstances he had got himself into, but a kid who bravely served his country. Prayers are with the family, I couldn't imagine loosing a child who was just hitting the prime of his life.

America is hard, it requires sacrifice, service, involvement, and courage. I think all Americans need to reflect on sacrifices of our dead servicemen and ask ourselves what is our resolve in supporting the cause of freedom -- I know I am. I'll admit that I have never served, but I wonder if the best policy for our nation might be a draft or mandatory military service so that the price of freedom may be shared by more Americans than just the few and the proud.

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