Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hatch -- Electing a Democrat is a Vote for TERRORISTS

Although he claims he doesn't remember making the comment to the "Tooele Transcript Bulletin" he alledgedly said "terrorists are waiting for the Democrats here to take control, let things cool off and then strike again." Hatch really wants us to believe that unless he (I'm not sure he meant the Republican Party) is still in office, America will embrace gay marriage, abandon national security, and degenerate to a pre-Nephite extinction level of corruption. It is ridiculous.

We need politicians that can look at issues openly and honestly. Hatch and Chris Buttars seem to have the same level of critical thinking -- if Rush Limbaugh or Hannity says something we should bring it up on the Senate floor. Hatch is as far to the right as Kerry is to the left, they are tied so tightly to extremist portions of their parties that they cannot provide an ounce of innovation to solve the problems of our times.

I can't stomach Hatch anymore. I don't agree with Ashdown on several issues, but I know that he will at least be critical (and hopefully innovative) in his analysis and approach to issues facing our nation. At least he won't waste time in the Senate promoting ridiculous legislation like flag burning amendments, or bringing ID into high school science classes.

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