Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas v. Happy Holidays

Today on many of the talk radio shows the debate about whether or not Christmas infringes on the rights of the non-Christian or Atheist was being discussed. Atheists claim that any reference to any certain religions belief in God (Christ) in a public place is a infringement of their rights. What is the problem?!? I'm sure a good portion of Americans don't even know that Christmas has anything to do with Jesus Christ and Christianity, most people think it is about a mythical character called Santa Claus - an advertising gimmick created by Coca-Cola. Easter is about a bunny that lays eggs, right? I guess that the atheistic left won't be satisfied until Christmas is officially called Claus-mas ...oh wait it is called in public a generic "Holiday".

To the atheistic left, back off! December the 25th (CHRISTmas) was started by the Roman Catholic Church at the Nicene Council as the commemoration of the Birth of Jesus Christ. A large number of Christian churches don't even believe that December 25th is the accurate birthday, but you must accept that CHRIST is the reason Christmas was created. LET IT GO! If you want to have more holidays off I'm fine with that. Thailand has a Buddhist holiday called Songkram (a nationwide water fight in the middle of summer) probably the funnest holiday I've ever experienced -- write Congress about this one. We can include Hanukkah, Kwanza, Ramadan, just to make everyone happy. Just let Christmas be called Christmas.

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