Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Congress: Iraq must be won in Washington

In a recent article by Fred Barnes and a post at Reach Upward, there is alot to worry about with the vocal discent of prominent Democrats on Iraq. Fred Barnes brought up the point that the war in Vietnam was nearly won when Congress cut funding for the war and began the pullout that ended with the 1975 fall of Saigon. Congress seems to be heading down that path again. John Murtha, a Vietnam vet normally described as a war hawk called for the withdrawl of military troops, which led to a rather weak Republican led resolution for a complete withdrawal from Iraq (made with some kind of weak reasoning that this would "force the Dem's hand"). This kind of opposition to the war is extremely dangerous, because it gives the insurgents the encouragement they need to just continue on -- they don't have to beat American troops in Iraq when they can win in Congress.

This is exactly the reason that people like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and John Murtha need to support the war. We are in Iraq, disagree with the reasons we went there or not, we can only win this war by staying the course. Unfortunately alot of the damage has been done, the insurgents see that psychologically, they are heading to victory. Victory will not be won militarily, because of the Vietnam war we must now win psychologically. Victory for the U.S. will come only when the insurgency sees that America will stay the course and will continue to aid Iraq in the cause of democracy for as long as it takes. Victory will, and seems to be, coming to the insurgents by the how negative public opinion polls get and Congress' swaying their opinion of the Iraq war with those poll numbers. Congress seems to be more like grass swaying to the wind.

This issue is fundemental to the War on Terror, we are in Iraq, it is a central front on terrorism, and no matter what reasons got us there we must stay in Iraq untill the insurgents seen no other option but surrender.

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