Saturday, November 19, 2005

Spending: The Utah Democrat predicts problems

Here is a good example of why people like Matheson, he was the sole member of the Utah congressional delegation to vote down Congress' ridiculous excuse of a spending reduction act. Cannon and Bishop "begrudgingly" voted for the bill. This bill, instead of curbing spending in areas that are actually out of control, cut Medicaid and aid for deadbeat dad recovery services. Matheson pointed out after the vote that this bill will do little if nothing to curb the deficit, after taking into account another 56 million dollar tax cut. "It's kind of embarrassing that this is called the deficit reduction act....This is a missed opportunity for some belt-tightening by members of Congress,"Matheson said. "If there was ever a time for shared sacrifice, this is it." Republican's dropped drilling in Anwar in order to get this bill passed.

One of the reasons why Matheson is so popular among constituents is he has been very conservative in regards to federal spending. In regards to federal spending even amongst the most loyal conservatives there is a feeling that Republicans have shown the restraint of a drunken sailor. On this point Pete Ashdown should take notes, people are tired of seeing Republicans spend spend spend. Cannon and Bishop, how do you begrudgingly vote for a bill? If you don't want to vote for something shouldn't you not vote for it, but wait that would be sticking your necks out wouldn't it. Anwar is the most annoying part of this, a provision that would have been a start to ending our dependence on foreign oil, was dropped for rather Scroogish spending cuts.

P.S. One of the latest bills passed included another pay hike for Congress. Matheson, again, was the only member of the Utah delegation to vote no. So while Utah Congressional Republicans are taking pay raises from poor single moms, Matheson is sticking to his principles.

Here is the Tribune article: Spending: The Utah Democrat predicts problems

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