Monday, November 28, 2005

Utahn tries new tack in battle over Net porn

There was an article, about a project that Ralph Yarro is working on. The project is CP80, a nonprofit organization that proposes that the existing Internet infrastructure of ports and protocols be used to categorize all Web content into channels, allowing Internet users to choose the type of content they want to receive —— much like cable television. He also is calling for supportive legislation that will make sure that adult content providers follow regulation keeping adult content restricted to adult designated channels "and putting laws in place to make pornographers who violate the law accountable, similar to the way the Federal Communications Commission regulates television and radio."

I think this could be a feasible solution to the pornography issue. It doesn't restrict freedom of speech, but it does create some protection to the public from viewing pornographic content inadvertently. Although it would likely create another form of government bureaucracy, I would have to support it because of the danger pornography represents for families and children. I would personally like to see porn eradicated from public accessibility. I find the idea that the degradation of women and sexual relations the way that pornography does, as a form of speech that the framers of the constitution intended to protect absurd. However, since the courts have ruled in favor of the smut there needs to be strong regulation of this form of entertainment.

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