Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Who's the most popular politician in Utah?

In a recent Desnews poll, Jim Matheson came out with the highest approval rating of all Republican Congressmen, Senators, Huntsman and Bush. This news may be a shock to some who view Utah as a land of indoctrinated drones that vote only Republican. For example, SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson called the political conditions of this state "Taliban-esque". How could this happen?

It could be that Utahns may not be as drone like as some like to believe. Democrats need to take note, it is possible for a Dem to hold office in this state in counties other than Salt Lake. As a conservative, I've been rather impressed with Matheson. He has sought to represent the issues that affect his constituents without getting wrapped up in the ever tiring partisan bickering. He has been a strong representative rather than an obnoxious soapbox preacher of liberal rhetoric.

As Utah voters, we need to seek politicians that are Utahns foremost before we concern ourselves with party affiliation. Some Utah politicians such as Orrin Hatch and Rocky Anderson spend far too much time deriding views that they are opposed to, rather than representing voters needs. When our politicians become more concerned with the publicity they get in the national spotlight, it is time to elect other people. Dems can win, they just need to concern themselves with being representatives rather than special interest lackeys.

Here is the link to the poll:,1249,635161648,00.html

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